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News & Events

5/3/2016 - Fire - Port au Port
2016 523442.....11:57 am May 2, 2016 report of an uncontrolled grass fire near the Piccadilly High School.  Wildlife & Forestry, Port au Port Fire Department and RCMP attended.  Fire brought under control and subsequently extinguished by Gander water bombers.  No charges laid as not criminal in nature.
Anyone with information regarding any incident is requested to contact the Stephenville RCMP at (709) 643-2118, or contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.
1/15/2016 - Two in Custody Within 30 Minutes After Break and Enter -Stephenville
On 16-01-14 at 0021 hrs Bay St George RCMP received a report of a break and enter in progress at the Coleman`s Food Center store in Stephenville Crossing. When police arrived they found a window of the store had been broken out and a number of items stolen.  Although the suspects had departed  responding officers were quickly on their trail.
Battling poor weather conditions that threatened to cover in the suspects tracks and conceal evidence, officers were still able to successfully track for approximately 1 1/2 kilometers where they located and arrested 2 male suspects at a residence in Stephenville Crossing. The arrests occurred within 30 minutes of police arriving on the scene. 
Police were also able to recover a quantity of the liquor and cigarettes that were stolen from the store.
Both males who are in their early twenties are from the Stephenville area. They will appear in court later today to face charges of break and enter, mischief and having their faces covered while committing an indictable offence. One of the males also faces several charges for breaching several different probation orders at the tie of the offence. 
1/13/2016 - Public Advisory from RCMP regarding CRA Phone Scams

The Burin Peninsula RCMP wish to advise the General Public of an increase in online, telephone and mail scams. The most recent scam involves people representing themselves as the Canada Revenue Agency and demanding money be paid or the police will be contacted.


The RCMP has received multiple calls and complaints over the past week and wish to remind the public that these actions are fraudulent. Some recent telephone scams involve threatening taxpayers or using aggressive and forceful language to scare them into paying fictitious debt to the CRA. Victims receive a phone call from a person claiming to work for the CRA and saying that taxes are owed. The caller requests immediate payment by credit card or convinces the victims to purchase a prepaid credit card and to call back immediately with the information. The taxpayer is often threatened with court charges, jail or deportation.

To help you identify possible scams, use the following guidelines found at


The CRA:

  • never requests prepaid credit cards;
  • never asks for information about your passport, health card, or driver`s licence;
  • never shares your taxpayer information with another person, unless you have provided the appropriate authorization; and
  • never leaves personal information on your answering machine or asks you to leave a message containing your personal information on an answering machine.

When in doubt, ask yourself the following:

  • Is there a reason that the CRA may be calling? Do I have a tax balance outstanding?
  • Is the requester asking for information I would not include with my tax return?
  • Is the requester asking for information I know the CRA already has on file for me?
  • How did the requester get my email address or telephone number?
  • Am I confident I know who is asking for the information?

If you get such a call, hang up and report it to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca or toll free at 1-888-495-8501.


Dale Foote, S/Sgt

Burin Peninsula RCMP

8/22/2015 - Musical Ride and Crime Stoppers

NL Crime Stoppers, North East Avalon Branch hosted the world famous "RCMP Musical Ride" on August 22 and 23rd, 2015 at the Mount Pearl Senior High rugby field .

Thank you to everyone who bought tickets and came out to see the shows. Thank you to all of the shows supporters. It was an amazing success !!

NL Crime Stoppers, North East Avalon Branch

8/18/2015 - RCMP Musical Ride - Open House

There will be an open house for the RCMP Musical Ride on Saturday, August 22nd from 12:00-3:30pm at the Glacier in Mount Pearl. Please come by and see the beautiful horses up close!

6/12/2015 - RCMP Musical Ride Tickets

RCMP Musical Ride, Mount Pearl, NL

Tickets are now available online at Ticket Pro. or at the Jack Byrne Arena in Torbay

Event tickets are only 11dollars each including all fees.

 Note *Children 2 and under are admitted free of charge*. 

Please go to:


NL Crime Stoppers is excited to host the RCMP Musical Ride on August 22 and 23, 2015 as part of our ongoing community awareness programs.

The ride will take place at the Mount Pearl Senior High sports field off Ruth Avenue at 6:30 pm on August 22 and at 2pm on August 23, 2015.

More information on the RCMP Musical Ride can be obtained by clicking on the link below


This is a great family event, please come out, have fun and support your local Crime Stoppers branch.  

See you at the field!

6/2/2015 - 2015 Police and Peace Officer of the Year Award Winners

2015 POYA Winners
(Left to right: Staff Sergeant Donald Rogers, RCMP Happy Valley Goose Bay Detachment, Constable Scott Mosher, RNC Corner Brook Region, and Fishery Officer Sherry Pittman, Department of Fisheries and Oceans)

2015 Police and Peace Officer of the Year Award Winners

May 29, 2015 – Newfoundland and Labrador Crime Stoppers today presented the 2015 Police and Peace Officers of the Year Awards (POYA).  The ceremony was held at the Manuels River Hibernia Interpretation Centre with finalists and family members, executive from the respective executive organizations and invited members of the community.

Presented annually, these awards recognize outstanding officers in the community. Once again, three awards were be presented at this year’s awards ceremony, one to the police officer from each of the two the provincial police forces as well as a peace officer employed for the preservation and maintenance of the public peace or for the service or execution of civil process. The three awards winners for 2015 are:

·         Police Officer of the Year, Royal Newfoundland Constabulary - Constable Scott Mosher, Corner Brook Region

·         Police Officer of the Year, Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Staff Sergeant Donald Rogers, Happy Valley Goose Bay Detachment

·         Peace Officer of the Year - Fishery Officer Sherry Pittman, Department of Fisheries and Oceans

“For over 20 years, Newfoundland and Labrador Crime Stoppers has taken pride in honouring officers in our province that go above and beyond the call of duty to make our communities and province a better place to call home. Again this year, the awards program represents all the enforcement entities in the province, police and peace officers and we are delighted to recognize these outstanding enforcement officers,” said Mark Brown, Chair of NL Crime Stoppers.

Nominations for the 2015 awards were accepted from the general public, provincial organizations as well as any provincial police or peace officer. This year, the number of nominations more than doubled. “We received nominations from across the province, representing a candidate pool of diverse demographic representation, geography, gender, and experience,” said Brown.  “We are extremely pleased with the volume and calibre of the nominations received this year, and we thank everyone who took the time to nominate a deserving officer.”

The 2015 Police and Peace Officer of the Year Awards are proudly supported by the VOCM Cares Foundation.

Started in 1992, Newfoundland and Labrador Crime Stoppers is a community-based program and registered charity that brings the public, the media and law enforcement agencies together in cooperative effort to help solve crime. This is accomplished by offering cash awards and guaranteeing anonymity to persons who furnish information leading to the arrest of or laying of charges against criminal offenders.

NOTE: Professional photos from the awards ceremony are available upon request to POYA.NL.2015@gmail.com


Twitter: @NLCrimeStoppers #2015POYA

Media Contact:

Mark Brown, Chair

Newfoundland and Labrador Crime Stoppers

709 325 0423 or POYA.NL.2015@gmail.com

5/22/2015 - RCMP Musical Ride, August 22/23, 2015 at Mount Pearl

NL Crime Stoppers is pleased to announce that we will be hosting the RCMP Musical Ride on August 22 and 23, 2015 as part of our ongoing community awareness programs.

The ride will take place at the Mount Pearl Senior High sports field off Ruth Avenue at 6 pm on August 22 and at 2pm on August 23, 2015

Tickets will be available shortly both online at Ticket Pro and locally at service stations in St. John`s and Mount Pearl at a cost of 10 dollars per person. 

Please check back soon for more updates. 

More information on the RCMP Musical Ride can be obtained by clicking on the link below


This is a great family event, please come out, have fun and support your local Crime Stoppers  


5/8/2015 - Public Advisory Regarding Fraudulent Activity

RNC Release Public Advisory Regarding Fraudulent Activity

(St. John’s, NL), May 4, 2015 – The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC) Economic

Crime Unit is issuing a public advisory regarding an e-mail and phone scam whereby offenders

are posing as the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

The RNC Economic Crime Unit want to advise the public to be aware of phishing scams asking

for information such as credit card, bank account, and passport numbers. The CRA would never

ask for this type information by email. Some of these scams ask for this personal information

directly, and others refer the taxpayer to a website resembling the CRA`s, where the person is

asked to verify their identity by entering personal information. Taxpayers should not click on

links included in these emails. Email scams may also contain embedded malicious software that

can harm your computer and put your personal information at risk.

This type of fraud has also been seen in the form of an email. There have been reports of an

email circulating from revenue@cra-arc.gc.ca, subject line: Canada Revenue Agency Tax

Refund. The email claims that the CRA has calculated your fiscal activity and determined that

you are eligible to receive a tax refund. It then asks you to complete the refund form and mail it

to a listed address. This email is a scam used to obtain personal and financial information for

the purposes of identity theft.

The RNC Economic Crime Unit urges the general public to refrain from providing their personal

information to unknown persons online or over the phone and to verify the authenticity of the

person by requesting information by contacting the governmental agency or financial institution

directly. Anyone who receives a suspicious communication should immediately report it to the

Anti-Fraud Center of Canada at http://www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca or call 1-888-

495-8501. Anyone with information regarding this online scam is asked to contact the RNC at

729-8000 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). You can now provide information

4/29/2015 - Tips on Avoiding Phone and Email Scammers
More tips on avoiding phone and email scammers
In a column written by Sharon Elliott, RCMP Senior Safety officer, “ In my last article, I wrote about scammers who are spoofing the caller i.d. feature on our telephones. Many residents in our area have been targeted and have reported receiving a call from what appeared to be a local area number, but upon answering find out the call contains an automated message with an offer involving a hotel stay. Since then, many more residents have reported receiving calls that show their own telephone number appearing in the call display…The same problem can happen in our email accounts. The name of the sender of an email message can be manipulated to make it appear as though the message is coming from a friend, or even include our own names. That’s why it’s important to give your emails a good look over before clicking them open…” Annapolis County Spectator 

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